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From Our Blog

  • 5 Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

    Are you getting the most out of your meals? Or do you feel hungry all the time and have yet to see the results you expect? Truth is, to get results you need to eat foods that will actually give you results! Adding foods that are not only high in nutrients, but also boost your metabolism will help you feel satisfied and give you results you can see. Check out this list of 5 foods you may even have on hand right now. They have been proven to boost your metabolism, giving you long and lasting results.

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  • Tips to Stay Hydrated and Lose Weight

    Drinking plenty of water can actually help you lose weight by flushing your system of toxins and boosting metabolism. The simple act of drinking more water is often found at the top of lists labeled "How to Lose Weight". Today we give you some options to increase your water intake and lose weight.

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  • Best Exercises to do at Your Desk

    Working at a desk or bench can lead to achy joints and sore muscles. Our team has assembled the best desk exercises for you can joint and muscle relief. The best part? They can be done in just a few minutes a day!

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  • Inhale, Exhale, Relax.

    The holidays are stressful but, unfortunately, stress is not isolated to the holidays. Every day necessities like work, school, and your kids' schedules are also stressful - along with a slew of other activities (or people). Stress is not only harmful to your immune system, if it gets to be too much you may bubble over and affect those closest to you. That is why it is vitally important to take time to refocus your energy, relax, and de-stress. Today, we have tips on how to unwind. Check them out and adopt one, or all, of these methods of relaxation!

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  • The Best Exercise for a Strong Core!

    Need a workout move that will tone your belly, legs, improve posture, help your mood, and improve balance? Sound too good to be true? Well it's not! Perfecting your plank is no easy task but the benefits are worth the sweat! We're here to help with this step-by-step guide.

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  • Core Care 180 Premium Probiotic: How it Works

    Probiotics are not a new discovery, or even a fad. In fact, for thousands of years humans have been consuming probiotics in the form of fermented foods. However, over the last several decades, humans have moved from a self-sustaining lifestyle into a convenience-based lifestyle. Foods have not only lost nutritional value but also probiotic value. Probiotics build the lining of your digetive tract leading to better digestion, absorption, and elimination. It is important to keep your microbiome healthy in order to maintain good digestion and overall health.

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  • BANISH Belly Fat

    The most common area men and women want to lose weight in the mid-section. Every day, the Lean 180  team hears "how can I lose belly fat?" or "or do I get rid of this belly? Lucky for you, we have some answers! Today's blog post is FULL of weight loss tips, exercise programs, and a some science about the art of banishing belly fat!

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  • Wrinkle Reducing TIps

    Men don't seem trouble about the appearance of their skin too often. But with fall in full swing and holiday parties coming up it is something to think about. Not only to look your best but also to combat wrinkles and dry, chapped skin. Don't compromise and just accept troubled skin as part of aging or the cooler fall weather. Instead, firm and brighten your skin with these foods. Not only will your skin improve, you will build confidence and healthy. 

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  • Probiotics and their Role in Reducing Breast Cancer
    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and guys, it's important to know how a healthy lifestyle can save the women in your life and even you. Breast Cancer is not exclusively a women's issue, the risk for men is about 1 in 1,000. Diet, exercise, and proper supplementation will not only keep you looking and feeling good but research shows it may reduce the risk of your loved one or you developing Breast Cancer.
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  • 12 Cancer Fighting Foods

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the best things you can do to lessen your chances of getting any caner is eating healthy. We have complied a list of 12 foods that are not only healthy but actually fight cancer.

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